mmagic.apis.inferencers.translation_inferencer 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import os
from typing import Dict, List

import numpy as np
import torch
from mmengine import mkdir_or_exist
from mmengine.dataset import Compose
from mmengine.dataset.utils import default_collate as collate
from torchvision import utils

from mmagic.models.base_models import BaseTranslationModel
from .base_mmagic_inferencer import BaseMMagicInferencer, InputsType, PredType

[文档]class TranslationInferencer(BaseMMagicInferencer): """inferencer that predicts with translation models."""
[文档] func_kwargs = dict( preprocess=['img'], forward=[], visualize=['result_out_dir'], postprocess=[])
[文档] def preprocess(self, img: InputsType) -> Dict: """Process the inputs into a model-feedable format. Args: img(InputsType): Image to be translated by models. Returns: results(Dict): Results of preprocess. """ assert isinstance(self.model, BaseTranslationModel) # get source domain and target domain self.target_domain = self.model._default_domain source_domain = self.model.get_other_domains(self.target_domain)[0] cfg = self.model.cfg # build the data pipeline test_pipeline = Compose(cfg.test_pipeline) # prepare data # dirty code to deal with test data pipeline data = dict() data['pair_path'] = img data['img_A_path'] = img data['img_B_path'] = img data = collate([test_pipeline(data)]) data = self.model.data_preprocessor(data, False) inputs_dict = data['inputs'] results = inputs_dict[f'img_{source_domain}'] return results
[文档] def forward(self, inputs: InputsType) -> PredType: """Forward the inputs to the model.""" with torch.no_grad(): results = self.model( inputs, test_mode=True, target_domain=self.target_domain) output = results['target'] return output
[文档] def visualize(self, preds: PredType, result_out_dir: str = None) -> List[np.ndarray]: """Visualize predictions. Args: preds (List[Union[str, np.ndarray]]): Forward results by the inferencer. data (List[Dict]): Not needed by this kind of inferencer. result_out_dir (str): Output directory of image. Defaults to ''. Returns: List[np.ndarray]: Result of visualize """ results = (preds[:, [2, 1, 0]] + 1.) / 2. # save images if result_out_dir: mkdir_or_exist(os.path.dirname(result_out_dir)) utils.save_image(results, result_out_dir) return results
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