mmagic.apis.mmagic_inferencer 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import os.path as osp
import warnings
from typing import Dict, List, Optional, Union

import torch
import yaml
from mmengine.registry import init_default_scope

from .inferencers import Inferencers
from .inferencers.base_mmagic_inferencer import InputsType

[文档]class MMagicInferencer: """MMagicInferencer API for mmagic models inference. Args: model_name (str): Name of the editing model. model_setting (str): Setting of a specific model. Default to 'a'. model_config (str): Path to the config file for the editing model. Default to None. model_ckpt (str): Path to the checkpoint file for the editing model. Default to None. config_dir (str): Path to the directory containing config files. Default to 'configs/'. device (torch.device): Device to use for inference. Default to 'cuda'. Examples: >>> # inference of a conditional model, biggan for example >>> editor = MMagicInferencer(model_name='biggan') >>> editor.infer(label=1, result_out_dir='./biggan_res.jpg') >>> # inference of a translation model, pix2pix for example >>> editor = MMagicInferencer(model_name='pix2pix') >>> editor.infer(img='./test.jpg', result_out_dir='./pix2pix_res.jpg') >>> # see demo/mmediting_inference_tutorial.ipynb for more examples """ # unsupported now # singan, liif # output should be checked # dic, glean
[文档] inference_supported_models = [ # colorization models 'inst_colorization', # conditional models 'biggan', 'sngan_proj', 'sagan', # unconditional models 'dcgan', 'deblurganv2', 'wgan-gp', 'lsgan', 'ggan', 'pggan', 'styleganv1', 'styleganv2', 'styleganv3', # matting models 'dim', 'indexnet', 'gca', # inpainting models 'aot_gan', 'deepfillv1', 'deepfillv2', 'global_local', 'partial_conv', # translation models 'pix2pix', 'cyclegan', # image super-resolution models 'srcnn', 'srgan_resnet', 'edsr', 'esrgan', 'rdn', 'dic', 'ttsr', 'glean', 'real_esrgan', # video_interpolation models 'flavr', 'cain', # video_restoration models 'edvr', 'tdan', 'basicvsr', 'iconvsr', 'basicvsr_pp', 'real_basicvsr', # image_restoration models 'nafnet', 'swinir', 'restormer', # text2image models 'controlnet', 'disco_diffusion', 'stable_diffusion', # 3D-aware generation 'eg3d', # animation inferencer 'controlnet_animation', # draggan 'draggan', # diffusers pipeline inferencer 'diffusers_pipeline',
[文档] inference_supported_models_cfg = {}
[文档] inference_supported_models_cfg_inited = False
def __init__(self, model_name: str = None, model_setting: int = None, config_name: int = None, model_config: str = None, model_ckpt: str = None, device: torch.device = None, extra_parameters: Dict = None, seed: int = 2022, **kwargs) -> None: init_default_scope('mmagic') MMagicInferencer.init_inference_supported_models_cfg() inferencer_kwargs = {} inferencer_kwargs.update( self._get_inferencer_kwargs(model_name, model_setting, config_name, model_config, model_ckpt, extra_parameters)) self.inferencer = Inferencers( device=device, seed=seed, **inferencer_kwargs)
[文档] def _get_inferencer_kwargs(self, model_name: Optional[str], model_setting: Optional[int], config_name: Optional[int], model_config: Optional[str], model_ckpt: Optional[str], extra_parameters: Optional[Dict]) -> Dict: """Get the kwargs for the inferencer.""" kwargs = {} if model_name is not None: cfgs = self.get_model_config(model_name) kwargs['task'] = cfgs['task'] setting_to_use = 0 if model_setting: setting_to_use = model_setting config_dir = cfgs['settings'][setting_to_use]['Config'] if config_name: for setting in cfgs['settings']: if setting['Name'] == config_name: config_dir = setting['Config'] break config_dir = config_dir[config_dir.find('configs'):] if osp.exists( osp.join(osp.dirname(__file__), '..', '..', config_dir)): kwargs['config'] = osp.join( osp.dirname(__file__), '..', '..', config_dir) else: kwargs['config'] = osp.join( osp.dirname(__file__), '..', '.mim', config_dir) if 'Weights' in cfgs['settings'][setting_to_use].keys(): kwargs['ckpt'] = cfgs['settings'][setting_to_use]['Weights'] if model_name == 'controlnet': kwargs['ckpt'] = None if model_config is not None: if kwargs.get('config', None) is not None: warnings.warn( f'{model_name}\'s default config ' f'is overridden by {model_config}', UserWarning) kwargs['config'] = model_config if model_ckpt is not None: if kwargs.get('ckpt', None) is not None: warnings.warn( f'{model_name}\'s default checkpoint ' f'is overridden by {model_ckpt}', UserWarning) kwargs['ckpt'] = model_ckpt if extra_parameters is not None: kwargs['extra_parameters'] = extra_parameters return kwargs
[文档] def print_extra_parameters(self): """Print the unique parameters of each kind of inferencer.""" extra_parameters = self.inferencer.get_extra_parameters() print(extra_parameters)
[文档] def infer(self, img: InputsType = None, video: InputsType = None, label: InputsType = None, trimap: InputsType = None, mask: InputsType = None, result_out_dir: str = '', **kwargs) -> Union[Dict, List[Dict]]: """Infer edit model on an image(video). Args: img (str): Img path. video (str): Video path. label (int): Label for conditional or unconditional models. trimap (str): Trimap path for matting models. mask (str): Mask path for inpainting models. result_out_dir (str): Output directory of result image or video. Defaults to ''. Returns: Dict or List[Dict]: Each dict contains the inference result of each image or video. """ return self.inferencer( img=img, video=video, label=label, trimap=trimap, mask=mask, result_out_dir=result_out_dir, **kwargs)
[文档] def get_model_config(self, model_name: str) -> Dict: """Get the model configuration including model config and checkpoint url. Args: model_name (str): Name of the model. Returns: dict: Model configuration. """ if model_name not in self.inference_supported_models: raise ValueError(f'Model {model_name} is not supported.') else: return self.inference_supported_models_cfg[model_name]
[文档] def init_inference_supported_models_cfg() -> None: if not MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg_inited: if osp.exists( osp.join(osp.dirname(__file__), '..', '..', 'configs')): all_cfgs_dir = osp.join( osp.dirname(__file__), '..', '..', 'configs') else: all_cfgs_dir = osp.join( osp.dirname(__file__), '..', '.mim', 'configs') for model_name in MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models: meta_file_dir = osp.join(all_cfgs_dir, model_name, 'metafile.yml') with open(meta_file_dir, 'r') as stream: parsed_yaml = yaml.safe_load(stream) task = parsed_yaml['Models'][0]['Results'][0]['Task'] MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg[ model_name] = {} MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg[model_name][ 'task'] = task # noqa MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg[model_name][ 'settings'] = parsed_yaml['Models'] # noqa MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg_inited = True
[文档] def get_inference_supported_models() -> List: """static function for getting inference supported modes.""" return MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models
[文档] def get_inference_supported_tasks() -> List: """static function for getting inference supported tasks.""" if not MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg_inited: MMagicInferencer.init_inference_supported_models_cfg() supported_task = set() for key in MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg.keys(): if MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg[key]['task'] \ not in supported_task: supported_task.add(MMagicInferencer. inference_supported_models_cfg[key]['task']) return list(supported_task)
[文档] def get_task_supported_models(task: str) -> List: """static function for getting task supported models.""" if not MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg_inited: MMagicInferencer.init_inference_supported_models_cfg() supported_models = [] for key in MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg.keys(): if MMagicInferencer.inference_supported_models_cfg[key][ 'task'] == task: supported_models.append(key) return supported_models
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