mmagic.datasets.transforms.albumentations 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import copy
import inspect
from typing import List

import numpy as np
from mmcv.transforms import BaseTransform

from mmagic.registry import TRANSFORMS

    import albumentations
    from albumentations import Compose
except ImportError:
[文档] albumentations = None
Compose = None @TRANSFORMS.register_module()
[文档]class Albumentations(BaseTransform): """Albumentation augmentation. Adds custom transformations from Albumentations library. Please, visit `` and `` to get more information. An example of ``transforms`` is as followed: .. code-block:: albu_transforms = [ dict( type='Resize', height=100, width=100, ), dict( type='RandomFog', p=0.5, ), dict( type='RandomRain', p=0.5 ), dict( type='RandomSnow', p=0.5, ), ] pipeline = [ dict( type='LoadImageFromFile', key='img', color_type='color', channel_order='rgb', imdecode_backend='cv2'), dict( type='Albumentations', keys=['img'], transforms=albu_transforms), dict(type='PackInputs') ] Args: keys (list[str]): A list specifying the keys whose values are modified. transforms (list[dict]): A list of albu transformations. """ def __init__(self, keys: List[str], transforms: List[dict]) -> None: if Compose is None: raise RuntimeError('Please install albumentations') self.keys = keys # Args will be modified later, copying it will be safer transforms = copy.deepcopy(transforms) self.transforms = transforms self.aug = Compose([self.albu_builder(t) for t in self.transforms])
[文档] def albu_builder(self, cfg: dict) -> albumentations: """Import a module from albumentations. It inherits some of :func:`build_from_cfg` logic. Args: cfg (dict): Config dict. It should at least contain the key "type". Returns: obj: The constructed object. """ assert isinstance(cfg, dict) and 'type' in cfg args = cfg.copy() obj_type = args.pop('type') if isinstance(obj_type, str): if albumentations is None: raise RuntimeError('Please install albumentations') obj_cls = getattr(albumentations, obj_type) elif inspect.isclass(obj_type): obj_cls = obj_type else: raise TypeError( f'type must be a str or valid type, but got {type(obj_type)}') if 'transforms' in args: args['transforms'] = [ self.albu_builder(transform) for transform in args['transforms'] ] return obj_cls(**args)
[文档] def _apply_albu(self, imgs): is_single_image = False if isinstance(imgs, np.ndarray): is_single_image = True imgs = [imgs] outputs = [] for img in imgs: outputs.append(self.aug(image=img)['image']) if is_single_image: outputs = outputs[0] return outputs
[文档] def transform(self, results): """Transform function of Albumentations.""" for k in self.keys: results[k] = self._apply_albu(results[k]) return results
[文档] def __repr__(self): repr_str = self.__class__.__name__ repr_str += f'(keys={self.keys}, transforms={self.transforms})' return repr_str
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