mmagic.evaluation.metrics.metrics_utils 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import mmcv
import numpy as np
import torch

from mmagic.utils import reorder_image

[文档]def _assert_ndim(input, name, ndim, shape_hint): if input.ndim != ndim: raise ValueError( f'{name} should be of shape {shape_hint}, but got {input.shape}.')
[文档]def _assert_masked(pred_alpha, trimap): if (pred_alpha[trimap == 0] != 0).any() or (pred_alpha[trimap == 255] != 255).any(): raise ValueError( 'pred_alpha should be masked by trimap before evaluation')
[文档]def _fetch_data_and_check(data_samples): """Fetch and check data from one item of data_batch and predictions. Args: data_batch (dict): One item of data_batch. predictions (dict): One item of predictions. Returns: pred_alpha (Tensor): Pred_alpha data of predictions. ori_alpha (Tensor): Ori_alpha data of data_batch. ori_trimap (Tensor): Ori_trimap data of data_batch. """ ori_trimap = data_samples['ori_trimap'][0, :, :].cpu().numpy() ori_alpha = data_samples['ori_alpha'][0, :, :].cpu().numpy() pred_alpha = data_samples['output']['pred_alpha'] # 2D tensor pred_alpha = pred_alpha.cpu().numpy() _assert_ndim(ori_trimap, 'trimap', 2, 'HxW') _assert_ndim(ori_alpha, 'gt_alpha', 2, 'HxW') _assert_ndim(pred_alpha, 'pred_alpha', 2, 'HxW') _assert_masked(pred_alpha, ori_trimap) # dtype uint8 -> float64 pred_alpha = pred_alpha / 255.0 ori_alpha = ori_alpha / 255.0 # test shows that using float32 vs float64 differs final results at 1e-4 # speed are comparable, so we choose float64 for accuracy return pred_alpha, ori_alpha, ori_trimap
[文档]def average(results, key): """Average of key in results(list[dict]). Args: results (list[dict]): A list of dict containing the necessary data. key (str): The key of target data. Returns: result: The average result. """ total = 0 n = 0 for batch_result in results: batch_size = batch_result.get('batch_size', 1) total += batch_result[key] * batch_size n += batch_size return total / n
[文档]def img_transform(img, crop_border=0, input_order='HWC', convert_to=None, channel_order='rgb'): """Image transform. Ref: Args: img (np.ndarray): Images with range [0, 255]. crop_border (int): Cropped pixels in each edges of an image. These pixels are not involved in the PSNR calculation. Default: 0. input_order (str): Whether the input order is 'HWC' or 'CHW'. Default: 'HWC'. convert_to (str): Whether to convert the images to other color models. If None, the images are not altered. When computing for 'Y', the images are assumed to be in BGR order. Options are 'Y' and None. Default: None. channel_order (str): The channel order of image. Default: 'rgb' Returns: float: PSNR result. """ if input_order not in ['HWC', 'CHW']: raise ValueError( f'Wrong input_order {input_order}. Supported input_orders are ' '"HWC" and "CHW"') img = reorder_image(img, input_order=input_order) if isinstance(img, torch.Tensor): img = img.numpy() img = img.astype(np.float32) if isinstance(convert_to, str) and convert_to.lower() == 'y': if channel_order.upper() == 'RGB': img = mmcv.rgb2ycbcr(img / 255., y_only=True) * 255. elif channel_order.upper() == 'BGR': img = mmcv.bgr2ycbcr(img / 255., y_only=True) * 255. else: raise ValueError( 'Only support `rgb2y` and `bgr2`, but the channel_order ' f'is {channel_order}') img = np.expand_dims(img, axis=2) elif convert_to is not None: raise ValueError('Wrong color model. Supported values are ' '"Y" and None.') if crop_border != 0: img = img[crop_border:-crop_border, crop_border:-crop_border, ...] return img
[文档]def obtain_data(data_sample, key, device='cpu'): """Obtain data of key from data_sample and converse data to device. Args: data_sample (dict): A dict of data sample. key (str): The key of data to obtain. device (str): Which device the data will deploy. Default: 'cpu'. Returns: result (Tensor | np.ndarray): The data of key. """ candidates = ['data_samples', key, 'data'] for k in candidates: if k in data_sample: result = data_sample[k] if isinstance(result, dict): return obtain_data(result, key, device) else: if isinstance(result, torch.Tensor): result = return result raise KeyError('Mapping key was not found')
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