mmagic.models.editors.dim.dim 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
from typing import Optional, Tuple

import torch
from mmengine.logging import MMLogger

from mmagic.models.base_models import BaseMattor
from mmagic.models.utils import get_unknown_tensor
from mmagic.registry import MODELS

[文档]class DIM(BaseMattor): """Deep Image Matting model. .. note:: For ``(self.train_cfg.train_backbone, self.train_cfg.train_refiner)``: * ``(True, False)`` corresponds to the encoder-decoder stage in \ the paper. * ``(False, True)`` corresponds to the refinement stage in the \ paper. * ``(True, True)`` corresponds to the fine-tune stage in the paper. Args: data_preprocessor (dict, optional): Config of data pre-processor. backbone (dict): Config of backbone. refiner (dict): Config of refiner. loss_alpha (dict): Config of the alpha prediction loss. Default: None. loss_comp (dict): Config of the composition loss. Default: None. loss_refine (dict): Config of the loss of the refiner. Default: None. train_cfg (dict): Config of training. In ``train_cfg``, ``train_backbone`` should be specified. If the model has a refiner, ``train_refiner`` should be specified. test_cfg (dict): Config of testing. In ``test_cfg``, If the model has a refiner, ``train_refiner`` should be specified. init_cfg (dict, optional): The weight initialized config for :class:`BaseModule`. Default: None. """ def __init__(self, data_preprocessor, backbone, refiner=None, train_cfg=None, test_cfg=None, loss_alpha=None, loss_comp=None, loss_refine=None, init_cfg: Optional[dict] = None): # Build data _preprocessor and backbone # No init here, init at last super().__init__( backbone=backbone, data_preprocessor=data_preprocessor, init_cfg=init_cfg, train_cfg=train_cfg, test_cfg=test_cfg) # build refiner if it's not None. if refiner is None: self.train_cfg['train_refiner'] = False self.test_cfg['refine'] = False else: self.refiner = # if argument train_cfg is not None, validate if the config is proper. assert hasattr(self.train_cfg, 'train_refiner') assert hasattr(self.test_cfg, 'refine') if self.test_cfg.refine and not self.train_cfg.train_refiner: logger = MMLogger.get_current_instance() logger.warning( 'You are not training the refiner, but it is used for ' 'model forwarding.') if not self.train_cfg.train_backbone: self.freeze_backbone() # Build losses if all(v is None for v in (loss_alpha, loss_comp, loss_refine)): raise ValueError('Please specify at least one loss for DIM.') if loss_alpha is not None: self.loss_alpha = if loss_comp is not None: self.loss_comp = if loss_refine is not None: self.loss_refine =
[文档] def init_weights(self): """Initialize the model network weights.""" super().init_weights() if self.with_refiner: self.refiner.init_weights()
[文档] def with_refiner(self): """Whether the matting model has a refiner.""" return hasattr(self, 'refiner') and self.refiner is not None
[文档] def train(self, mode=True): """Mode switcher. Args: mode (bool): whether to set training mode (``True``) or evaluation mode (``False``). Default: ``True``. """ super().train(mode) if mode and (not self.train_cfg.train_backbone): self.backbone.eval()
[文档] def freeze_backbone(self): """Freeze the backbone and only train the refiner.""" self.backbone.eval() for param in self.backbone.parameters(): param.requires_grad = False
[文档] def _forward(self, x: torch.Tensor, *, refine: bool = True) -> Tuple[torch.Tensor, torch.Tensor]: """Raw forward function. Args: x (torch.Tensor): Concatenation of merged image and trimap with shape (N, 4, H, W) refine (bool): if forward through refiner Returns: torch.Tensor: pred_alpha, with shape (N, 1, H, W) torch.Tensor: pred_refine, with shape (N, 4, H, W) """ raw_alpha = self.backbone(x) pred_alpha = raw_alpha.sigmoid() if refine and hasattr(self, 'refiner'): refine_input =[:, :3, :, :], pred_alpha), 1) pred_refine = self.refiner(refine_input, raw_alpha) else: # As ONNX does not support NoneType for output, # we choose to use zero tensor to represent None pred_refine = torch.zeros([]) return pred_alpha, pred_refine
[文档] def _forward_test(self, inputs): """Forward to get alpha prediction.""" pred_alpha, pred_refine = self._forward(inputs) if self.test_cfg.refine: return pred_refine else: return pred_alpha
[文档] def _forward_train(self, inputs, data_samples): """Defines the computation performed at every training call. Args: inputs (torch.Tensor): Concatenation of normalized image and trimap shape (N, 4, H, W) data_samples (list[DataSample]): Data samples containing: - gt_alpha (Tensor): Ground-truth of alpha shape (N, 1, H, W), normalized to 0 to 1. - gt_fg (Tensor): Ground-truth of foreground shape (N, C, H, W), normalized to 0 to 1. - gt_bg (Tensor): Ground-truth of background shape (N, C, H, W), normalized to 0 to 1. Returns: dict: Contains the loss items and batch information. """ # merged, trimap, meta, alpha, ori_merged, fg, bg gt_alpha = data_samples.gt_alpha gt_fg = data_samples.gt_fg gt_bg = data_samples.gt_bg gt_merged = data_samples.gt_merged pred_alpha, pred_refine = self._forward( inputs, refine=self.train_cfg.train_refiner) trimap = inputs[:, 3:, :, :] # Dim should use proc_trimap='rescale_to_zero_one' weight = get_unknown_tensor(trimap, unknown_value=128 / 255) losses = dict() if self.train_cfg.train_backbone: if self.loss_alpha is not None: losses['loss_alpha'] = self.loss_alpha(pred_alpha, gt_alpha, weight) if self.loss_comp is not None: losses['loss_comp'] = self.loss_comp(pred_alpha, gt_fg, gt_bg, gt_merged, weight) if self.train_cfg.train_refiner: losses['loss_refine'] = self.loss_refine(pred_refine, gt_alpha, weight) return losses
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