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Welcome to the MMagic community! The MMagic ecosystem consists of tutorials, libraries, and projects from a broad set of researchers in academia and industry, ML and application engineers. The goal of this ecosystem is to support, accelerate, and aid in your exploration with MMagic for AIGC such as image, video, 3D content generation, editing and processing.

Here are a few projects that are built upon MMagic. They are examples of how to use MMagic as a library, to make your projects more maintainable. Please find more projects in MMagic Ecosystem.

Show your projects on OpenMMLab Ecosystem

You can submit your project so that it can be shown on the homepage of OpenMMLab.

Add example projects to MMagic

Here is an example project about how to add your projects to MMagic. You can copy and create your own project from the example project.

We also provide some documentation listed below for your reference:

Projects of libraries and toolboxes

  • PowerVQE: Open framework for quality enhancement of compressed videos based on PyTorch and MMagic.

  • VR-Baseline: Video Restoration Toolbox.

  • Derain-Toolbox: Single Image Deraining Toolbox and Benchmark

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