Source code for mmagic.models.archs.attention_injection

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
from enum import Enum

import torch
import torch.nn as nn
from diffusers.models.attention import BasicTransformerBlock
from torch import Tensor

[docs]AttentionStatus = Enum('ATTENTION_STATUS', 'READ WRITE DISABLE')
[docs]def torch_dfs(model: torch.nn.Module): result = [model] for child in model.children(): result += torch_dfs(child) return result
[docs]class AttentionInjection(nn.Module): """Wrapper for stable diffusion unet. Args: module (nn.Module): The module to be wrapped. """ def __init__(self, module: nn.Module, injection_weight=5): super().__init__() self.attention_status = AttentionStatus.READ self.style_cfgs = [] self.unet = module attn_inject = self def transformer_forward_replacement( self, hidden_states, attention_mask=None, encoder_hidden_states=None, encoder_attention_mask=None, timestep=None, cross_attention_kwargs=None, class_labels=None, ): if self.use_ada_layer_norm: norm_hidden_states = self.norm1(hidden_states, timestep) elif self.use_ada_layer_norm_zero: norm_hidden_states, gate_msa, shift_mlp, scale_mlp, gate_mlp = self.norm1( # noqa hidden_states, timestep, class_labels, hidden_dtype=hidden_states.dtype) else: norm_hidden_states = self.norm1(hidden_states) attn_output = None self_attention_context = norm_hidden_states if attn_inject.attention_status == AttentionStatus.WRITE: if attn_inject.attention_status == AttentionStatus.READ: if len( > 0: = * injection_weight attn_output = self.attn1( norm_hidden_states, [self_attention_context] +, dim=1)) # attn_output = self.attn1( # norm_hidden_states, #[0]) = [] if attn_output is None: attn_output = self.attn1(norm_hidden_states) if self.use_ada_layer_norm_zero: attn_output = gate_msa.unsqueeze(1) * attn_output hidden_states = attn_output + hidden_states cross_attention_kwargs = cross_attention_kwargs if \ cross_attention_kwargs is not None else {} if self.attn2 is not None: norm_hidden_states = ( self.norm2(hidden_states, timestep) if self.use_ada_layer_norm else self.norm2(hidden_states)) # 2. Cross-Attention attn_output = self.attn2( norm_hidden_states, encoder_hidden_states=encoder_hidden_states, attention_mask=encoder_attention_mask, **cross_attention_kwargs, ) hidden_states = attn_output + hidden_states # 3. Feed-forward norm_hidden_states = self.norm3(hidden_states) if self.use_ada_layer_norm_zero: norm_hidden_states = norm_hidden_states * \ (1 + scale_mlp[:, None]) + shift_mlp[:, None] ff_output = self.ff(norm_hidden_states) if self.use_ada_layer_norm_zero: ff_output = gate_mlp.unsqueeze(1) * ff_output hidden_states = ff_output + hidden_states return hidden_states all_modules = torch_dfs(self.unet) attn_modules = [ module for module in all_modules if isinstance(module, BasicTransformerBlock) ] for i, module in enumerate(attn_modules): if getattr(module, '_original_inner_forward', None) is None: module._original_inner_forward = module.forward module.forward = transformer_forward_replacement.__get__( module, BasicTransformerBlock) = []
[docs] def forward(self, x: Tensor, t, encoder_hidden_states=None, down_block_additional_residuals=None, mid_block_additional_residual=None, ref_x=None) -> Tensor: """Forward and add LoRA mapping. Args: x (Tensor): The input tensor. Returns: Tensor: The output tensor. """ if ref_x is not None: self.attention_status = AttentionStatus.WRITE self.unet( ref_x, t, encoder_hidden_states=encoder_hidden_states, down_block_additional_residuals= # noqa down_block_additional_residuals, mid_block_additional_residual=mid_block_additional_residual) self.attention_status = AttentionStatus.READ output = self.unet( x, t, encoder_hidden_states=encoder_hidden_states, down_block_additional_residuals= # noqa down_block_additional_residuals, mid_block_additional_residual=mid_block_additional_residual) return output
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